Annual Budgets

The budget preparation process takes approximately three months. All budget submissions for new and additional services, positions, capital outlay, and capital improvement projects are reviewed. The overall picture of estimated revenues and proposed appropriations is also carefully studied. In addition to providing the most efficient, effective and economical service levels possible, public safety, legal requirements, and adherence to City Council financial policies are also major considerations throughout the budget process.

Budget workshops are open to the public and are held starting in March with a draft budget document. The City Council considers the draft budget, which is available for public review, each May. Changes to the budget as directed by the City Council are implemented into the Proposed Budget and presented for adoption in June. The budget is adopted annually by the City Council prior to the beginning of the fiscal year and serves as the foundation for the City’s financial planning and control.

Budget Summaries

Budget summaries provide a high level, management summary of the annual budget in narratives, graphs and tables.