Police Volunteer Program

The City of Aliso Viejo’s Police Assistance Liaison Services (PALS) is a volunteer program for mature adults over the age of 21. Though PALS volunteers do not necessarily need to reside in the City, it is highly recommended that they reside near the Aliso Viejo area. The volunteers are assigned operational and administrative duties normally performed by uniformed officers. This support gives deputies more time to concentrate on law enforcement related functions.

PALS Services

The PALS program offers the following services to the community:

Vacation Home Checks

A service provided free of charge which involves a physical check of the residence to ensure it is secure during the owner’s absence. All doors and windows are checked on a regular basis to make sure they have not been tampered with.

Special Events

PALS members provide assistance at most of the events that take place within the City of Aliso Viejo. PALS members provide traffic control and logistical support to staff the events.

Fire Watch

In cooperation with the Orange County Fire Authority, PALS members participate in the Red Flag Fire Alert Program. During periods of high fire danger, PALS members will patrol in designated areas of the City in order to reduce the potential for fires being started. PALS volunteers will report any signs of fire, suspicious persons or vehicles, or hazards they may encounter while on fire watch patrol. PALS members will not take any enforcement action nor will they participate in any actual fire suppression effort.


PALS members conduct routine patrols throughout the City and report items of concern such as graffiti, unsecured gates leading into parks, suspicious vehicles or persons they might see. PALS members are volunteers and do not serve as police employees, sworn or civilian.

Crime Prevention 

PALS members work closely with the Crime Prevention Unit and assist with programs that help reduce the potential for criminal activity within the City.

Additional Information

For more information, contact Aliso Viejo Police Services at 949-425-2564.