Solid Waste and Recycling Program

In 1989, Assembly Bill 939, known as the Integrated Waste Management Act, was passed due to the increase in the waste stream and the decrease in landfill capacity. As a result, the California Integrated Waste Management Board was established, and then the name changed to California Department of Resources Recycling and Recovery or CalRecycle. The mandated responsibility of this department is to reduce waste, promote management of all waste materials to their highest best use, and to protect public health and the environment. To meet these responsibilities, the state legislature has given CalRecycle enforcement authority in local government waste diversion.

In order to protect the public health, safety and well-being, and to prevent the spread of vectors, the developer, contractor, owner, occupant, property manager, or other person responsible for the day-to-day operation of every place or premises in the city has made arrangements with a solid waste contractor holding a franchise, contract, license or permit issued by the city for the collection of solid waste as set forth in this title. For more information please see Aliso Viejo Municipal Codes Chapters 7.05 Solid Waste Disposal and 7.15 Construction and Demolition Debris.

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