Councilmember Richard Hurt

Richard Hurt was elected to the Aliso Viejo City Council in 2020. He was selected by his colleagues to serve as Mayor for 2023. He also served as Mayor Pro Tem in 2022.

Richard graduated from California Baptist University in 2009 with a Bachelor of Science in accounting and received a Master of Business Administration in 2014. During his studies, he received the Presidential Volunteer Service Award for his outstanding volunteer work and the impact he made from his service.

Richard started his career at the Riverside County Economic Development Agency, where he received firsthand experience in improving the lives of residents while balancing budgets. He later advanced to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and furthered his experience in serving his community, including collaborating with contracted cities to provide public safety.

Richard then moved to Aliso Viejo, where he began volunteering at the library as President of the Friends of Aliso Viejo Library Board of Directors. As a dedicated volunteer, he held various service positions over the years in the City, including two years as a volunteer coach for Kids Run the OC for Don Juan Avila Elementary School and volunteer basketball coach. 

Richard also served on the National Small Business Association Leadership Council, sitting as a member on various committees including the Economic Development Committee, Tax Issues Committee, Environment & Regulatory Affairs Committee, and the Health & Human Resources Affairs Committee. Richard’s well-rounded approach to service and volunteer work spans all aspects, beyond sports and leadership committees to the 4th of July Bike Parade Planning Committee.

Since joining the Aliso Viejo City Council, Richard was appointed to represent the City of Aliso Viejo on the OC Library Advisory Board of Directors, the San Joaquin Hills Transportation Corridor Agency Board of Directors (also serving as vice chair of the Toll Operations Committee, and sitting on the Finance, Capital Projects, and Environmental committees), the Orange County Vector Control District Board of Trustees (also sitting on the Finance Committee), and the Aliso Viejo Ranch Foundation. Richard also serves the League of California Cities (sitting on the Environmental Quality Policy and Housing, Community, and Economic Development Policy committees), and as a board member of the Friends of Aliso Viejo Library, Sheriff's Black Community Council, and the Wellness and Prevention Center Board. 

In his free time, Richard enjoys relaxing strolls through the parks of Aliso Viejo and attending fun local events with his wife.