Instant Solar Permit Now Available through SolarAPP+

Solar installation contractors are now able to apply for the City's new Instant Solar Permit (ISP) with the help of SolarAPP+, an automated online portal for permitting new residential rooftop solar and storage systems. SolarAPP+ helps streamline the permitting process by instantly issuing an ISP for code-compliant systems.

The ISP application is only for use by contractors registered with SolarAPP+ and accommodates roof-mounted solar photovoltaic panel installations with or without an energy storage system. A main electrical service upgrade can be added to the ISP. To see which systems are eligible, please refer to the Solar APP+ Eligibility Checklists. Only those systems included in these lists are eligible for the ISP through SolarAPP+.

How to Use SolarApp+

Step 1: Create or Log in to Existing Account

Step 2: Submit project in SolarAPP+

  • Submit your project through SolarAPP+.
  • Pay the processing fee charged by SolarAPP+. The fee is currently set at $25.
  • Download the approval documents. You will need to upload them into the City's online permitting portal when applying for your permit.

Step 3: Apply for Permit

  • Log in to City's online permitting portal.
  • Apply for a SolarAPP+ Instant Solar Permit in the portal. You will be asked to upload your submittal documents, including those you downloaded from SolarAPP+.

Step 4: Pay for Permit

  • Pay all permit fees online on the City's online permitting portal.  
  • Pay permit fees in person at City hall during regular business hours

Step 5: Request Inspection

Request an inspection through the City’s online portal. Inspections will be scheduled for the next business day unless otherwise specified. Daily inspection schedules are available online.

SolarApp+ FAQs

Training Required

You will need to complete this training and provide the certificate of completion for PV