Who are the PACE program providers?

Currently, there are four financing companies:

  • CaliforniaFIRST
  • California HERO
  • California Municipal Finance Authority (CMFA)
  • Ygrene PACE

PACE authorized to provide PACE financing on properties in Aliso Viejo. Each of the companies can finance residential, commercial, or both types of properties. There is no affiliation between the City of Aliso Viejo and the PACE providers. The City Council was required only to approve the PACE providers’ participation in the City for those lenders to utilize a property owner’s tax bill for payment purposes. Therefore, Aliso Viejo residents are advised to carefully evaluate any proposed provider and review all contractual assessment terms and conditions before participating in any PACE program.

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1. What is PACE financing?
2. Who are the PACE program providers?
3. Are the contractors being used by the PACE providers licensed?
4. Who should I, or could I, talk to before committing to a PACE loan regarding consumer questions and alternative lenders?